Monday, December 15, 2014

Hostgator Shared Hosting Review

I've always tended to avoid 'managed' hosting services because, well -I'm a network admin, I can do everything myself!! -- So why on earth would I pay for something I don't need??

Well, today I found myself in need of a quick, sandbox environment to host a few wordpress sites for a client. I was in a hurry, so I ordered a Hostgator shared hosting plan to save myself time.

The order process was smooth, and I was setup and delivered within an hour, and the entire process was seamless as can be.

Not only was their support and self-serve system a pleasant experience, but I'm also quite impressed at the performance quality of their hardware. My scripts were installed in a matter of seconds, and the features included with my cPanel installation were extremely useful.

All-in-all I'd give the service an 8/10. Their customer experience is bar none and it's obvious that they've taken a strong interest in their customer experience program. Being an advocate of the industry, and an authority figure in the IT sphere, I'd like to give a hat's off to Hostgator for setting the bar high.

Naturally they're a close runner up to hosting my mark- But if I had to recommend any of my competing partners service, I would without a doubt suggest going with

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