Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is a VPS+N, VPSN, VPS+VPN?

What is a VPS+N? VPSN VPS/N etc? Well, I've heard the acronym used losely in the networking community but always thought of it as a self made definition of a windows virtual private server with an incorporated virtual private network configuration used to mask all in and outbound packets not meeting a predefined set of specific rules/policies.

It's a quite clever concept, for those looking to add an additional layer of anonymity to their online activities. This allows the VPS user to not only hide their true location, exposing the server's geographical location; however with the VPN layer in addition, to the VPS's datacenter location- anybody attempting to track this particular users activity would end up at one dead end after the other, in theory.

Several companies such as http://blackboxrdp.com have taken hold to this recent rise in demand, having a high regard for the privacy of their users have began to make moves towards allowing this type of service become standard.

Although in practice it seems simple, it does take a bit of configuration on an advanced level to make a pleasant and smooth user experience, so it's important to work with a professional and experienced network gurul before attempting a DIY on this project without a bit of knowledge on the subject.

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